Q: Are non-Jeeps allowed?
A: Sorry, but this event is open to Jeep vehicles only- any model... from stock to buggy...from CJ to ZJ. If you are in an 4x4 club, but do not have a Jeep come to Pismo anyways to see many Jeeps. The park will remain open to the public. 

Q: How do I register?
A: Follow the registration link. Registration is required per vehicle and will be verified for participation. You must also complete and return the Waiver for each vehicle occupant.

Q: What is the cost?
A: This year's event will be $50 online registration to cover the cost of the event, insurance and park fees. Onsite registration is available at $75 per Jeep. Park entrance is separate and is $10 cash / day. Camping fees are typically $10 per night & include the park daily fee. This means if you pay for camping you do not need to pay per day use.  

Q: Will my jeep be capable of the Friday trail run?
A: Yes. It is a scenic view fire trail dirt road. There will be a high mountain road with no guardrails which may require passing other vehicles.

Q: What are the parade details?
A: The parade will start at 10am on Sunday. The route will begin at the Pier Avenue entrance, just past the $1 per tire air. 

Q: Are there any sponsors or give aways?
A: Please see our Sponsors Page for current and past sponsors who will be sponsoring certain events as well as product give aways and best of show at the Show 'n Shine. If interested in sponsoring, please email pbjfestsponsor@gmail.com for more details. Give-aways have ranged from coupons to winches to steering to tires.

Q:Can I drive around the entrance gate line if I have registered?
A:No. Please wait in line with all the other vehicles as the State Beach needs to check each vehicle. Do not drive around the line.

Q: Where do I register to camp?
A: You can camp right beside the event in the Oceano Dunes SVRA for $10 each night by registering in the link 48 hours in advance. Camping registration is also available at the entrance gate. Be sure to choose Oceano Dunes SVRA. There will be a main camp site located at the event. For camping in Oceano Dunes, you cannot leave wood, or put water on the fire to put it out and leave it; you must pack it all out. You can enter the Oceano dunes camp area even after hours (flooding/tide allowing). There are no assigned spots, so choose a safe place and surround the site by jeeps. 

Q: What about a hotel? 
You can also stay in a hotel close by, Pacific Plaza Resort is closest and Oceano Inn is right around the corner.  

Q: Is my green or red sticker Jeep allowed?
A: Yes, but only after post 2 in Oceano Dunes Area.  

Q: What should I bring?
A: Please bring typical items for a weekend trip- clothes for rain & cold, trash bags, safety items for your vehicle (first aid kit) and the beach (sunscreen, flotation devices, etc) and extraction equipment if planning to offroad (tow ropes, traction devices, etc). Bring firewood, food and drinks! If you plan to go on Oceano Dunes, you will need a flag and whip, but these can be purchased locally upon arrival.

Q: Will my 2 wheel drive Jeep be ok to drive on the beach? & What if I get stuck?
A: Yes in the main strip, but if you plan to drive in the dunes, or off the main path you will likely get stuck. Be prepared by reading this link or others. If stuck, there are tow trucks, but they will charge up to $1000. Just flag down a fellow Jeeper and we may be able to help out at your own risk.

Q: Will I be ok to tow my trailer or RV even if I only have 2 WD?
A: Yes, if it is <40ft, but you will need to stay closer to the beach in the compact sand to avoid getting stuck. You can also plan to arrive at low tide via this tide table. Don't park too close to the beach to avoid the rising tide. If you aren't willing to risk your RV getting stuck, please reserve a local RV park like Le Sage Riviera

Q: Is alcohol allowed? Yes, when camping per Oceano Dunes Policy.   BBQs? Yes -in grills or hibachi Dogs? Yes- on Leash. CampFires? Yes while camping.
A: All rules of Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes SVRA found here must be adhered to.

Q: Is there a detailed map?
A: Yes. Please print this map. For Google Maps directions click here.

Q: What is the emergency plan?
A: Please, contact a Ranger or dial 911 from a cell phone and advise that you are at Oceano Dunes SVRA. An emergency solar-powered call-box is located at the entrance to Sand Highway at approximately Post 4-1/2. Do not move an injured person unless he is in immediate danger.

Q: When will I receive my registration packet? Registration packets will be available for pick-up at the event.